Each employee, through their activity, has the possibility of being able to express themselves, test, experiment, in order to grow. The diversity of our people is a source of wealth that has been the strength of YKK France for more than 50 years. For us, the dynamism of a company lies in its teams, which are its driving force.

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Work at YKK

YKK France offers its employees an environment conducive to exchange, sharing, a rich universe where each personality can let their talent express itself.


YKK’s image is based on its expertise, the quality of its products recognized worldwide, but also on the innovations offered.
Our ambition is to transmit this passion to our employees. Our "quality" DNA pushes us to always seek the best of ourselves.
 We are proud and do everything we can to support our talents and allow everyone to develop fully.

Our job offers

Dyer Operateur (H/F)

We are recruiting a dyer operator
on permanent contract
Based in Seclin - Nord

Production Manager (H/F)

We are recruiting a Production Manager 
on permanent contract
 Based in Seclin - Nord

Technicien de maintenance (H/F)

We are recruiting a Maintenance Technician 
on permanent contract
  Based à Seclin - Nord



Please provide your contact details, CV and cover letter, as well as the job offer you are applying for in the form below.
 We will contact you as soon as possible.
Spontaneous application: do not hesitate to send your application even if there are no corresponding job offers, we will be happy to discuss with you.

The YKK philosophy

YKK aspires to develop human values ??for ever more meaning and cultivates its innovative character. We are committed to combining well-being at work, sharing and performance. Discover a family business with the advantages of a large SME.

Do not fear failure;
experience builds success

Gender Equality Index = 93/100

 Gender pay gap: 38/40
Difference in rate of increase between women and men: 35/35
Percentage of female employees receiving a pay rise in the year following return from maternity leave: 15/15
Number of employees of the under-represented sex in the top 10 (women): 5/10