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YKK France offers to its employees an environment conducive to exchange, sharing a rich world where each personality can express their talent.


 35Every employee, through their activity, has the opportunity to express themself, to test, to experiment, to grow.

The diversity of our people is a source of wealth that has been the strength of YKK France for more than 50 years. For us, the dynamism of a company lies in its teams who are the driving force. 
Equality index Women-Men 2021: 82/100.
Pay gap indicator: 35
Individual increase rate deviation indicator: 25
Return from maternity leave indicator: none
 High compensation indicator: 10

YKK’s image is based on its expertise, the quality of its products recognized worldwide, but also on the proposal of innovation.
Our ambition is to transmit this passion to our employees.

Our DNA "quality" motivates us to always look for the best in ourselves.

We are proud and make every effort to support our talents and allow everyone to flourish fully.



Joining YKK France is joining a team that combines experience, innovation, professionalism, enthusiasm and passion.

Do not fear failure;
experience builds success